8 The Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field, Hungary


Field guides: Csaba Szabó

Post-conference fieldtrip: 17. August-20. August 2008

Departure/Arrival: Budaperst / Budaperst

Approximated costs: 410€
Preliminary prices do not include: Travel cost of Frankfurt-Budapest-Frankfurt
Cheapest ordinary airplane tickets (round trip) from Frankfurt Main (FRA) to Budapest Ferihegy
(BUD) on 05 December, 2007 ranged from ~140 EUR (Lufthansa, http://www.lufthansa.com/)
to ~200 EUR (Malév, http://www.malev.hu/) including airfare, taxes, fees and other charges for 1 adult. As group tickets are available over a certain number of passengers (which can
significantly decrease these travel costs), the organizers kindly suggest the participants to decide that they wish to book the airplane tickets for themselves or choose the group ticket (if
applicable). Final decision on the possibility of booking of group tickets will be made in view of
number of participants after the deadline for applying the field trip.

Min. participants: 18
Max. participants: 28

Panoramic view of the Balaton Highland (left) with the Lake Balaton (right) from the castle of Szigliget (photo courtesy of G. Pálmai)


DAY 0 – 16 AUGUST, 2008 (day of arrival to Hungary, without organized program)

arrive to Budapest late afternoon or evening, check in at the hotels (Hotel Griff*** or Hotel Pava Plaza****)


Leave Budapest in the morning (7:30-8:00) and after ~120 km travel by minivans or bus (depending on the number of the participants) arrive to the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field (BBHVF), northern bank of Eastern Central Europe’s largest lake, the Lake Balaton at ~11:00.

1st stop Tihany-peninsula:

Aerial view of the Tihany-peninsula with the Monastery

Geology (~3 hours):
Short introduction to the brief geology of the Pannonian Basin, the significance of the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field (15 min)
Packetlunch followed by easy walk around the Tihany Maar Volcano, the oldest volcano of the
BBHVF (~8 Ma). Start along the tuff deposits and volcanoclastic sediments of „Tihany-
Baratlakas” outcrop (eastern side of the Peninsula) and the Golden House („Aranyhaz”) geysirite
sites. Visit the Inner Lake („Belso-to”) crater lake and its maar volcanic sediments close to
Tihany village.

Cultural program (~1-2 hours):
Introduction of the cultural heritage of Tihany and the significance of the Monastery (20 min), Guided tour to the Monastery of Tihany (optional organ-concert /if possible/) and the Museum. Nice panoramic view to the Balaton, shopping possibility.

2nd stop Hegyestű geological site (~1 hour):
Short introduction to the alkali basaltic volcanism of the BBHVF (20 min)

Hegyestű (photo courtesy of Attila J.N.)

Visit the geological site of Hegyestű: columnar basalts (former basalt quarry).

Arrive at the accommodation ~19:00 (close to Badacsony-village, NW side of the Balaton)
Dinner, and swimming possibility.

DAY 2 – 18 AUGUST, 2008 – KÁLI-BASIN

Leave hotel ~9:00

1st stop Mindszentkálla (~10:00)

Short introduction to the upper mantle and crustal xenoliths of the BBHVF (25 min) Mantle xenolith-bearing alkali basaltic outcrops.

2nd stop Szentbékkálla (~12:00)
Short introduction of the Káli-basin (15 min)

The Káli-basin with the Lake Balaton in the background (photo courtesy of István Taál)

Easy walk to the Rock-sea („Kőtenger”): product of the post-volcanic fluid activity (having
packetlunch at the sites).

3rd stop Fekete-hill and tasting mineral waters (~14:30)
Alkali basaltic outcrop, volcanic structures (remnants of craters and volcanoclastic sediments) +
upper mantle xenoliths. Tasting natural mineral waters close to Kékkút-village (bottler factory of the Theodora Quelle mineral water).

4th stop Wine-tasting party (cultural program) (~16:00-)

Traditional Hungarian wine-tasting party with dinner.

Arrive to the hotel ~20:00

DAY 3 – 19 AUGUST, 2008

Leave hotel ~9:00

1st stop Badacsony



Easy walk to the top of the Badacsony-hill (remnant of an alkali basalt volcano), along one of the symbols of the Balaton-highland, the famous Badacsony basalt organs (ie., lava columns). Scenic view at the Balaton lake.

2nd stop Szigliget (~11:00)

The castle of Szigliget

Geology (~1 hour):
mantle xenolith outcrops and alkali basalts

Cultural program (~2 hours):
Short introduction to the historical heritage of the Balaton-highland (20 min)

Visit the castle of Szigliget (packetlunch at the very top of the hill)

3rd stop Tapolca and Haláp (~14:00)

The vicinity of Szigliget (photo courtesy of P. Busa)

Introduction to the genesis of alkali basalts based on silicate melt inclusion studies (20 min) Alkali basalt locations, former basalt quarries.

Leaving toward Budapest ~16:30, dinner on the way at Balatonfüred (~18:00) (eastern bank of the Balaton-lake)

Arrive to Budapest and transportation to the hotels late night (~22:00).